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Traditional Cornish Pasty

Steak, potato, swede and onion packed in our amazing pasty

A true Cornish classic


Vegetable Pasty

Potato, swede and onion

A meat free feast


Steak & blue cheese

Select cuts of steak, potato, swede and onion mixed with our strong Cornish Blue cheese


Cheese & Onion

Potato, swede and onion mixed with a strong Cornish cheese

Cheesy delight


Chicken Pasty

Tender chicken, potato, swede and onion

The traditional without beef


sausage rolls

Wheal Rose Sausage Roll

A huge chunk of our famous Wheal Rose pork sausage meat wrapped in tasty pasty

Must be seen to be believed


Lamb & Mint Sausage roll

Select cuts of Cornish lamb minced, mixed with mint and wrapped in pastry